Stangen Funeral Plan

Protect your family for R75pm

Leaving a legacy and looking after the ones you love for life is all about planning. With our range of funeral cover options, you can insure your entire family, as well as your relatives, for as much as R50 000, ensuring they can give you the goodbye you want, and keep living well after you are gone.


  • No Medical Exams

    We do not require you to go for any medical examinations before signing up
  • Cover your Whole Family

    Your spouse/partner, children and extended family can be covered
  • 6 Months Free

    Free continued cover for 6 months after the main member dies
  • No Waiting Period

    No waiting period for accidental death, after the first premium has been received

Waiting Period

  • 4 months from date of first premium received

  • 12 months for extended family members

  • No waiting period applies for accidental death, after the first premium has been received

Cover may also be extended to your immediate family (spouse & children) as well as extended family which includes your adult children, parents and your parents-in-law. This product only has a 4 month waiting period for the main member, spouse and children and no waiting period will apply for accidental death once the first premium is received. Extended family members have a 12-month waiting period. In the event of the main member passing away, the cover for the remaining members will continue for an additional 6 months free of charge. We promise to pay your claim within 24 hours of approval, with double cover if we don’t.    

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Stangen Funeral Plan

  • No medical exams
  • Cover your relatives
  • 6 months’ free cover if the main member dies
  • Payouts in 24 hours


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We know you are trying to make the best choices for your family. Look after their future by extending your cover to include loved ones.

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